Silhouette Mint Ink Refills






5cc Silhouette Mint Ink Refills

The Silhouette Mint™ is the most innovative and powerful custom stamping system on earth.

The machine’s special “thermal printing” ability lets you create 3D reliefs of custom designs on Mint stamp sheets.
Simply apply Mint inks to your stamp and you are ready to roll. Stamp up to 50 times before reapplying your Mint ink. 
Design it, Mint it, ink it, stamp it!

With Mint, you’re not using a typical ink pad. In fact, you’re not using a pad at all. The Silhouette Mint uses 5 ml bottles of ink that you apply to your stamp. The stamp will then absorb the ink, enabling it to stamp approximately 50 images before the stamp dries up. After that, just add a few more drops of ink and you’re ready to go again.


Please note that there is a choice of colours for you to choose from: 

5cc Mint Ink - Black

5cc Mint Ink - Purple

5cc Mint Ink - Blue

5cc Mint Ink - Ash Blue

5cc Mint Ink - Green

5cc Mint Ink - Yellow

5cc Mint Ink - Red

5cc Mint Ink - Magenta

5cc Mint Ink - Ash Pink

5cc Mint Ink - Brown

Please note that each pack contains 1 colour of  ink.

Customers ordering this product will need to specify the colour that is required for their order.




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