Silhouette Mint Stamping Sheets - 30mm x 60mm




Silhouette Mint Stamping Sheets - 30mm x 60mm

The Silhouette Mint™ is the most innovative and powerful custom stamping system on earth.

The machine’s special “thermal printing” ability lets you create 3D reliefs of custom designs on Mint stamp sheets.
Simply apply Mint inks to your stamp and you are ready to roll. Stamp up to 50 times before reapplying your Mint ink. 
Design it, Mint it, ink it, stamp it!

Use the stamp sheet set to create custom stamps with your Silhouette Mint™. This stamp sheet set is perfect for users who already own the bases from the stamp kit and only need more stamp sheets to keep creating new stamps.


2x Silhouette Mint stamp sheets

2x Silhouette Mint stamp mounts

2x Silhouette Mint labels


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