How to Create Rhinestone Templates using CorelDRAW 12


Learn the Secrets of creating Rhinestone Templates with CorelDRAW 12

If your budget does not stretch to the hundreds of pounds required for special Rhinestone Software, then let me show you how to create Rhinestone Templates using CorelDRAW 12.

Whilst you can create Rhinestone Templates with CorelDRAW, you will also require a Cutter/Plotter (such as our Craft Robo) in order to cut out the templates. You will also require a Heat Press in order to apply the Rhinestone Motifs to garments. Some smaller images can also be ironed on using a domestic iron.

What we are supplying here is a clear and concise 24 page guide (PDF File) which will show you how to create Rhinestone Templates quickly and easily, within minutes.

Apart from clear step-by-step instructions, there are also over 40 screen grabs and images which make the entire process very easy to follow.

Amongst other things, this is what we will demonstrate to you:-

How to set up CorelDRAW for creating Circles for Rhinestone Templates.

How to convert Text into Rhinestone Template Pattern.

How to turn clipart into Rhinestone Templates.

How to save time and cut directly from CorelDRAW

Step-by-step instructions - from cutting templates to application of Rhinestones onto garments using a heat press.

How to create Single stroke font

How to create multi-colour / multi-layering of Rhinestones onto garments.

Where is the best source to purchase your Rhinestones from

What media to use for creating Rhinestones on low cost cutters

Location of tools may vary slightly in other versions of CorelDRAW and is not covered in this guide.

Once you have read this step-by-step guide, you will be able to personalise garments with text, simple logos or designs. You will be able to create stunning personalised garments for fashionwear, childrens clothing as well as t-shirts for Hen Nights - plus lots more!

We can supply you with a Heat Press and a Craft Robo plus other essentials required to start your own garment personalisation business - please contact us for details or look at our website

The author of this guide has already written and sold two other much sought-after guides, including "How to Promote your T-Shirt & Personalisation Business" as well as "How to Start your T-Shirts and Personalisation Business". Both of these guides are also available to purchase from our shop.

Due to the nature of this guide, no refunds can be made. We have summarised the contents in this eBay listing. An email will be sent with the PDF File, when purchased (usually within 12hrs, or sooner). No hard copy is sent.


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