FoilCraft 4x3 Hot Foil Machine



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The FoilCraft 4x3

A legend is born!

With almost 30 years of experience within the hot foil printing industry and two years of intensive research and develop, we feel we have manufactured the perfect, small table-top Hot Foil printing machine - At a very competitive and affordable price!

Over the years, we have carefully listened to the needs of our potential customers and implemented those findings into the new and exciting FoilCraft 4x3 hot foil printing machine.


The FoilCraft 4x3 is totally British Designed and manufactured like no other machine on the market. It boasts a number of features often only found on machines costing 3-4 times more!   

With a generous print area of 4”x3”, the FoilCraft 4x3 will tackle most foil blocking jobs with remarkable ease.

Manufactured out of quality graded metal, the FoilCraft 4x3 is a solid piece of equipment.
By employing clever engineering techniques, we have managed to produce a robust machine but which only weighs around 10.50kgs. This makes the
FoilCraft 4x3 truly portable and light enough to ship around the world.

So whether you wish to foil stamp onto wedding cards, invites, key fobs, pen/pencils, diaries, photographs, boxes, gift bags, ribbons, wallets, handbags, leather, plastic, pvc, paper, card, photographs, mounts  - the FoilCraft 4x3 is the name to trust! 


Features & Benefits:

* British Design (The results of almost two years Research & Development).
* Solidly built from steel
* CE Certified
* Compact (takes up minimal desk space)
* Available in 220v or 110v
* Digital thermostatically controlled for stable temperature (Solid state reply)
* 2 x 200 Watts heating elements for fast heat up time (0-120c in about 4 minutes)
* Manual foil feed (reel to reel). Easily removable to accommodate larger products
   such as diaries, albums, thesis, book covers, napkins, greeting cards etc.
* 4 x Fully adjustable pressure screws for achieving even printing
* Unique height adjustable mechanism - allows for easy printing of thicker objects
* Removable smaller base for printing smaller items
* Larger base for printing onto larger products
* Soft handle to reduce operator fatigue
* Accepts metal or polymer dies
* Accepts metal or brass type
* Accepts type high blocks when mixed with type
* Accepts ‘slugs’ brass rules etc.

* Long reach. Can print to the centre of an A4 diary/book/thesis/albums  or spines of books*
* Can be used as ‘Tipping Machine’ with an optional Tipping Pad
* Can be used as a mini ‘Toner Foiling Machine’ with an optional Silicone Pad
* Can be used as a Coding Machine for packaging/sell by dates etc


Package Contents:

1) FoilCraft 4x3 Manual hot foil printing machine with built-in Type Holding Chase (British Design)
2) 4”x3” Die holding block with handle
3) Die bonding tape (25mm x 1 metre in length)
4) Spacing furniture
5) Piece of Presspahn backing substrate (15cm x 13cm)
6) Piece of Rubber Cloth backing substrate (15cm x 10.5cm)
7) Pair of 1.5mm thick magnetic guides
8) Pair of 6mm thick magnetic guides
9) Tool kit
10) Instruction manual
11) Training DVD (2 Hours and 30 Minutes)
12) 12 Months warranty (back to base)



1 Roll of 3” wide x 400 feet Metallic Gold Foil
1 Metal plate for you to practice with
100 x Business cards for you to practice with
A Pair of ‘Extenders’ to print/reach further
A pair of heat resistant gloves for your safety

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