Basic Glass Etching Kit


This Starter Kit is NOT supplied with a UV Exposure Unit.
It is designed for those who already have access to a functional exposure unit.
With your purchase, we will give you instruction with regards to exposure times, but they are based on our UV Ultra Exposure Unit (not supplied here) and you may have to experiment a little on yours as it is likley to be different to what we currently supply.



Just imagine your market for glass etched products:-

Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Leaving & Retirement Presents,
Trophies, Awards, Decorate Glass & Mirrors, Security Marking on Car Windows etc.

What will you etch?
Wine glasses  -  Decanters  -  Champagne Glasses 
Bowls - Vases - Giftware - Awards - Mirrors - Glass etc.


Your Glass Etching Starter Kit
will consist of:-

1) 2 x A4 Sheets of Artwork Paper for use with laser printers £2.00
2) 2 x 8”x11” Screen Film £29.80 (£14.90 each)
3) 1 x 50ml Activator Solution £7.20
4) 1 x 16oz Stencil Developer Solution £14.50
5) 1 x Squeegee £2.00
6) 1 x Glass etching creme £10.00
7) 1 x Washout tub £1.50
8) 6 x Q Tips & Washout Sponge £1.50

9) 1 x Roll of Masking Tape £1.25
10) 1 x Powerful Magnifying Loupe to check the quality of stencil £7.25
11) Instruction sheet (Free of Charge)
12) Health & Safety Data Sheet (Free of Charge)

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